Q & A

What is different from a normal bed.
The space is surrounded by walls on all sides, which improves sound, light, and odor problems.
Since the lower ceiling and the upper floor are independent structures, you can rest comfortably without squeaking or shaking up and down like a bunk bed even if you stack them.
It doesn't interfere with your neighbor's sleep.
Does the strength decrease or wobble over time?
Capsule bed SQUARE has frames tied together with special metal fittings.
We have no problem in the course of our delivery record of 20000.
How much is a capsule bed?
Please contact us as it depends on the installation location and quantity.
Is there any noise from neighbor?
It is not completely soundproof, but it has a structure that easily absorbs sound.
Please tell me about fire protection performance.
We handle two types, flame-retardant and non-flammable.
How high is the ceiling required to install the capsule bed?
2400 mm or more is required.
How much does it weigh?
It is 120 kg per unit. If the capsule beds are stacked in two layers, it weighs 240 kg.
Can the capsule bed be fixed to the floor?
Basically, it is fixed to the floor to prevent it from tipping over. the building is also minimized.
Is it possible to install fire extinguishing equipment inside the capsule?
It is possible. Holes can be drilled for automatic fire alarms and sprinkler mounting.
How long does it take to install?
It depends on the number of units and the installation location, but it is possible to assemble about 4 beds a day.
Can it be installed anywhere?
Because it is an assembled product, it can be installed wherever there is space for materials and people. Of course, it is also possible to install a capsule bed in a building that is not a hotel.
Is there any noise during construction?
Only on the first day, you will hear the noise of drill and vibration when fixing the capsule beds to the floor.
Is it possible to relocate?
Because it is an assembled product, it can be moved.
Can I order bedding as well?
Original mattresses and bed pads are available as options.
Both are flameproof.
Can you deliver it as a finished product?
We will deliver it as a finished product including assembly work.
Is it possible to have only one bed at the top or bottom?
It is possible.
However, because all parts are custom made, the price can be as high as or higher than a regular capsule bed.
Is it possible to lock the capsule bed?
It is possible to add a locking function as needed.
Please check the laws and regulations related with the locking of capsules in your country.