<What is a capsule bed>

It indicates a capsule-type sleeper design inspired by the "capsule house" concept, introduced by Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa at the 1970 World Expo in Osaka.

In addition to being compact and functional, the capsule bed has everything you need to get a good night's sleep.

Capsule beds are currently used not only in Japan, but all over the world. They provide guest rooms in hotels, and also nap rooms for companies and government agencies.

For example, we have introduced capsule beds in general company offices, as well as in various industries such as airports, railway companies, military facilities, and national broadcasting stations.



Capsule beds were born in the world and started to be used as nap rooms for hotels and businesses.

Capsule beds that can easily obtain good quality sleep were quickly accepted by the world, but capsule beds at that time were made of a substance called FRP "glass fiber reinforced plastic" and could not be recycled, and dust during dismantling was harmful. So, the garbage was industrial waste.


Cosmond has broken away from FRP materials and created capsule beds using only renewable materials using aluminum alloys and resin plastics.

We have disclosed this technology to other companies in order to contribute to the global environment, and the capsule bed made of FRP material has disappeared from the world.


In the 2020s, Cosmond developed a more advanced "capsule bed SQUARE", which has a structure that can be disassembled and reassembled in another place even after it has been installed once.

The SQUARE series, which can be customized in various ways according to the customer's application, is widely supported not only by companies operating the hotel business, but also by companies and government agencies.


<Strengths of Cosmond SQUARE Capsules>

  • A tough housing that can withstand a load capacity of 1 ton
  • Flexible construction method that can be carried in separately
  • Patented for wobbling prevention method in 4 countries
  • Can be easily relocated after installation
  • Contributes to CO2 reduction by complying with the flow of SDGs
  • Minimize the burden on flooring with an easy seismic construction method
  • Capsule beds are produced at our own factory in Japan under strict quality control.
  • Possession of advanced expertise cultivated through consulting

The capsule bed barely damages the building, and if it does, it only has a few small holes.

After completion, it can be disassembled again and assembled in another place.

The metal fittings used are patent pending and have already been patented in China and the United States.
Thanks to this metal fitting, our capsule bed has a load capacity of 2 tons or more.
It is incomparable to beds made of wood or steel.
You can start a hotel business even in a building that is not a hotel.
It is a reusable material and does not generate industrial waste.
It can be disassembled and transported without creating unnecessary space. As a result, it leads to cost reduction of carbon dioxide.

All are assembled at our own factory under strict quality control.
We have a high degree of expertise cultivated in consulting business.